Web and Mobile application development


Who am I?

My name is Chris Edgington. My full time job is a server administrator supporting both Linux and Windows systems. However my spare time is spent as an app developer specialising in modern web and mobile application development.

Just for fun

I code just for fun in the hope that someone somewhere will find something useful or interesting. Everything you see here is open source and free to browse so check it out.

This Site

Below are some of my favorite projects made just for me and and free to browse or use! I always enjoy hearing your opinions so please feel free to contact me with any feedback. Enjoy.

Recent Projects


My first iPhone game. Built using SpriteKit and Swift.


A full stack Javascript framework for using an RDMS database with Node.

Premier Predictor

Premier League Predictor Website built on MEANJS.

Six Nations Predictor

A new iPhone app for predictor the six nations tournament.